Kobe Bryant’s Parents Weren’t Mentioned

Written by on February 25, 2020

Pam and Joe Bryant attended the Staples Center memorial service tribute on Monday (Feb. 24), to mourn the loss of their son and granddaughter, Kobe Bryant‘s parents were oddly excluded from any mention during the event. Users across social media questioned the lack of acknowledgement, as others brought up old beef; noting the well-known facts that: 1) Bryant’s parents didn’t attend his wedding with wife Vanessa Bryant in 2001, and 2) later tried to auction off his items without his knowledge in 2013; which led to a lawsuit. However, users say that’s no reason to hold a grudge, especially during a time like this, and knowing they were on the mend. Also, as viewers witnessed emotional speeches by Vanessa, Shaq and Michael Jordan, many were frustrated that there weren’t any made by Bryant’s parents nor sisters. As one user tweets, “loved #KobeFarewell but to have Kobe’s parents & siblings not mentioned…Kobe did not get here via immaculate conception. Before Kobe was Kobe, he was Joe Bryant’s son the first to introduce him to the game, he was Pam Bryant’s son, his first love of a woman, he was a brother…”

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