Shenseea Says ‘Bob Marley Bigger Than Michael Jackson’ Igniting Debate

Written by on December 13, 2022

Shenseea ignited a heated debate after tweeting “Bob Marley is bigger than Michael Jackson.”

The dancehall singjay knows how to stir the pot and get her fans going, and she’s done it again with the controversial comparison of who is the bigger artist in the form of Bob Marley or Michael Jackson. Shenseea made the statement on Twitter on Thursday, which has now gone viral. The statement saw many Americans opposing the view, while some Jamaicans agreed with her.

Bob Marley is a legendary reggae artist who is well-known for his music of peace and love and who continues to influence generations of people when it comes to Rastafarianism and reggae music. The artist’s music was made in an era where he challenged the status quo, including the Apartheid conditions in South Africa, and his music continues to be regarded in the same light as the Marley legacy continued by his children ensures that the artist’s music lives on.

On the contrary, Michael Jackson often referred to as the ‘King of Pop,’ is also a very popular artist known around the world for his infectious music and dance. The artist continues to influence the younger generation who push his music and style in the likes of Chris Brown and others, and this year, his third and biggest studio album, Thriller, turns 40 years old, something fans have been raving about in memory of the certified hitmaker.

Shenseea’s statement elicited great debate as many of her fans made points to either disagree or agree with her.

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