Rick Ross Upsets Neighbors After His Pet Bulls, Buffaloes & Cows Escape:

Written by on March 20, 2023

Rick Ross is the proud owner of several bulls, buffaloes, and cows; and this past weekend, Rozay’s cattle escaped into his neighbor’s yard, leaving her worried about her young kids at play outside. Rozay’s cattle made their way onto the plot of land behind his compound, where his neighbor lives. Video of the cattle escaping shows them running through the neighbor’s front yard, grazing on her grass near a paved driveway full of parked cars.

TMZ obtained the footage and they report that the neighbor went to Rozay’s door to confront him, and allegedly a verbal dispute ensued between her and a member of the rapper’s team.

Due to the argument, the neighbor claims she planned to file a dispute with the city, especially after claiming that the police told her they couldn’t help because it is a civil dispute.

Rozay has taken to his Instagram Story to speak out.

“You see me on TMZ this morning. A few buffaloes, bulls, and cows got out. You may deal with puppies, and dogs. I deal with cattle. You watched ‘Yellowstone.’ I deal with cattle. I want to thank all the neighbors, Fayetteville, and of course, my team, the whole squad, for making sure all of our animals made it back safe. I always return any stray pets, so make sure y’all keep collars on y’all’s pets.

And anytime you see one of my buffaloes, please give it a carrot. They are very peaceful. They’re just grazers, they’re not meat eaters. So, on behalf of the boss of Promise Land, I thank y’all. Rozay. Now have a drink on me.”

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