Written by on September 7, 2023

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Zach Bryan: The presale just kicked off for The Quittin Time Tour in 2024.

Nick BosaHe just agreed to a five-year $170 million extension, making him the highest-paid defensive player.

Mitch McConnell: The Capitol doctor said it was okay for the Senator to return to work after his freeze-ups, but Rand Paul has expressed skepticism about the doctor’s assessment.

The Little Mermaid: The live-action movie starring Halle Bailey is now streaming on Disney+.

The bear: A 3-legged bear named Tripod broke into a Florida patio, opened a mini-fridge and helped himself to two White Claws.

Diarrhea plane: A Delta flight bound for Barcelona from Atlanta was forced to turn around after a passenger’s diarrhea spread throughout the airplane, creating a “biohazard” issue onboard.

Carl Nassib: The first NFL player to play in regular-season game to come out as gay has announced that he’ll be retiring after seven seasons.

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