Written by on August 22, 2023

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Arsenal: Martin Odegaard scored a penalty to beat Crystal Palace 1-0.

Washington Commanders: The team has just signed a multi-year partnership with Sire Spirits, the business owned by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. Sire Spirits’ Branson Cognac will be the Official Cognac and Le Chemin Du Roi will be designated as the Official Champagne of the team.

Dodger Stadium flooded: The viral photo misled people into believing that the stadium was flooded from Tropical Storm Hilary.

Mackenzie ShirillaThe teen referenced as “hell on wheels” was sentenced to 15 years-to-life for killing her boyfriend and friend by driving her car straight into a brick wall at 100 mph.

Sha’Carri Richardson: She just won her first world title and became the fastest woman in the world.

Charles Martinet: The man who voices Super Mario announced he’ll be “stepping back from recording character voices” for Nintendo.


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