Lawyer Representing Chris Brown’s Accuser Withdraws From Case After He shares Voicemail And Text Messages

Written by on March 10, 2022

After Chris brown aired out the woman who has been accusing him of rape, his accuser’s lawyer has decided to withdraw from the case.

According to TMZ, lawyer Ariel Mitchell confirmed to the news outlet that the woman she was representing sent Chris the texts and voicemail. She said she’s withdrawing from the case because the woman did not inform her about the messages. Although Miami Beach PD says the case is still under investigation, it was noted that they have received the messages between Chris and the accuser.

In the string of messages, the woman sent nude selfies and told Brown he was the “best d**k” she ever had. The messages also revealed Brown suggested the woman get a Plan B to prevent a possible pregnancy to which she said, “Oh sh*t ok I will.”

As it was previously reported, the woman accused Chris of drugging her during the yacht party in 2020, taking her into a bedroom, and raping her. The woman is looking for $20 million in damages claiming the alleged rape caused her severe emotional distress.

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