ADELE: No Work and All Play?

Written by on March 2, 2022

Adele blamed COVID for knocking her Las Vegas residency off track, then she blamed “production issues” — but her inner circle says the problem is her relationship.

No, she isn’t having problems with Rich Paul. The issue is that their relationship is going too well. A source tells Heat magazine, “It seems as if she’s been putting off important career decisions because she’s been finding it hard to focus on work, instead of her relationship. Rich makes her feel safe, while the thought of going back on stage terrifies her.”

This is causing a lot of concern, according to the insider. “Her management has told Adele that if she delays the Vegas gigs any further, she’s going to upset her fan base even more. She could also face a public backlash that she’ll struggle to recover from.”

Adele has promised her Weekends With Adele residency will get under way this year, but her casino home has limited open dates remaining.

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