No Licence? Then Don’t Use The Bahamian National Symbols

Written by on July 5, 2023

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe warned against the unsanctioned use of Bahamian national symbols yesterday. Munroe noted the consequences of failing to get a license to use national symbols, may result in a $250 fine or a six months prison sentence.

Munroe stated that residents can apply for security firm licenses and national symbol permits through the MyGateway portal. “This innovation will assist us with a more economic use of time, and we trust it will get you to get your license printed and in your hand, in a much timelier manner than is currently possible,” he said. “So, innovations of this sort, saving resources, your resources, government’s resources. The fact that it makes the collection and the funds seamless is a by-product, and I say that earnestly because the fee for both services is not very large at all.”

Bahamians using national symbols on any merchandise connected to a business or job must obtain a license or written permission from the minister.



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