House votes to end COVID vaccine requirement for foreign air travelers

Written by on February 9, 2023

The House of Representatives voted to end the COVID-19 vaccine requirement for foreign residents arriving at US airports — one of the last standing pandemic restrictions.

A bipartisan group of representatives voted 227 to 201 Wednesday in support of a bill to end the requirement. Every Republican supported the legislation as well as seven Democrats.

Nearly all adults visiting the US who aren’t citizens or permanent residents must show proof of vaccination before boarding their flight under the current Biden administration regulations.

In June, the administration dropped the prerequisite that travelers arriving in the US by air need a negative COVID test to enter the country, but the CDC vaccine mandate remains.

The US is the only country that has kept the policy, according to the US Travel Association

“The need for this requirement has long since passed, and we appreciate the bipartisan action by the US House to end this outdated police,” the organization said.

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