JENNIFER LOPEZ: Emotionally Cheated

Written by on May 12, 2021

Some may accuse Jennifer Lopez of emotional cheating. For the final three months of her engagement with Alex Rodriguez, she carried on a flirtatious email exchange with Ben Affleck.

Or blame Ben for not respecting boundaries. TMZ reported that Ben gushed about J-Lo’s beauty and “how much he wished he could be with her.”

A source close to J-Lo defended her behavior. (quote) “Jennifer was in contact with Ben before she split from Alex, but they didn’t make a plan behind Alex’s back that they would date. She didn’t see Ben until it was over with Alex.” (People)

They did hook up within days of J-Lo announcing the split. Once the tabloids were on their tail, Ben suggested an escape to Montana. Little did he suspect that J-Lo might tip the paparazzi where to find her. (People)

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