It’s Frisky Friday With Vixens Lair.

Written by on April 16, 2021

EDGING! Edging is bringing your partner to the brink of orgasm and then stopping, slowing down, and starting again. Then Repeat. This may sound like hell to those of you who are more inclined to want instant gratification and stress relief, but for those of us who prefer that mind blowing, sheet grabbing experience, edging (also known as “orgasm control,” “peaking,” or “surfing”, may be for you. Additionally, successful edging — which takes at least 20 minutes at minimum — can create a state of longer-term euphoria in both men and women. It can also helps guys with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction issues, and aids in actual penis enlargement. To ensure that you don’t sabotage the experience by getting overly excited yourself, we suggest that you add a toy to the mix. Vixens Lair carry everything you need for that special rendezvous to keep the fire burning in your relationship. Lingerie, Massage oils, sexy games and other novelty items.

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