MARIO LOPEZ: Arm Bandaged for *Emmys*

Written by on September 18, 2019

Mario Lopez will attend this weekend’s Emmy Awards with his arm in a sling. Mario said he may bedazzle the brace.

He shared photos taken in the hospital. The 45-year-old wrecked his right arm in the boxing ring. He blamed old age. Mario tweeted, (quote) “Evidently, I’m not 25 anymore. Tore my biceps sparring. Might have to take it down a notch.”

His arm appeared to be badly bruised from the top of his shoulder down to his fingertips. In a video taken from his hospital bed, Mario praised his wife for looking after him and the doctors for providing strong painkillers.

Mario also announced the reboot of his ’90s TV show Saved By The Bell. NBC plans to include the updated show to their new streaming service. The success of BH90210 this summer proved that viewers crave returning to the shows they grew up with. (Access Hollywood)

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