LIZZO: Blackballed From *Super Bowl*

Written by on August 14, 2023

The hostile workplace allegations against Lizzo eliminated her from Super Bowl halftime consideration.

An NFL insider said that Lizzo’s been blackballed until her legal issues are resolved (quote) “Talks of Lizzo being a part of the halftime festivities are dead now that she is surrounded by scandal.” (Daily Mail)

Lizzo could have been invited to be a guest artist. It’s ridiculous for her at this stage in her career to headline the 14-minute halftime show. Only one of Lizzo’s four hit songs clocks in at more than 3-minutes. In order to fill 14-minutes at halftime, Lizzo’s set-list would need to include a flute recital.

Las Vegas hosts Super Bowl 58 in February. The halftime performer is often announced in September, once the NFL season is fully underway. The NFL KickOff Game is scheduled for Thursday, September 7th. The Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs host the Detroit Lions.

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