“Life is not good” for Future

Written by on February 28, 2020

Future just suffered his first L in his court battle with alleged baby mama Eliza Seraphin. What’s his next move?

Future may have to take a DNA test and reveal his income to his alleged baby mama Eliza Reign.

Future is being forced to give up several vital pieces of information in a court case involving social media star Eliza Reign’s daughter, who she alleges was fathered by the rapper. According to court documents obtained by BOSSIP, the judge in the case ordered Future to submit to a DNA test later this month, as well as reveal all his sources of income to create a clear picture of what he may owe in child support if his paternity is confirmed. The documents suggest that if Future does not comply with both requests within a certain time frame, he may face penalties from the court.

According to Eliza Reign, whose real name is Eliza Seraphin, Future makes $19.5 million a year and has repeatedly refused to offer any support for the child she claims is his. The judge’s decision comes after Reign insisted that she has served Future with the lawsuit three times, and he has failed to act. (urbanislandz)

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