KANYE WEST: Pastor Dishes on Born-Again Transformation

Written by on October 11, 2019

A new interview with Kanye West’s pastor has a lot of interesting tidbits about Yeezy’s transformation to a born-again Christian and how that’s changed the way he moves in the world.

In a podcast interview, California preacher Adam Tyson reveals that he’s been teaching Kanye in Bible study for a few months now, locally or travelling to Yeezy wherever he is on Tuesday night. Apparently ‘Ye described himself as “radically saved” this past April when he first came to Tyson. 

The new Kanye apparently doesn’t curse anymore and will even tell his friends not to swear in his presence. The holy man also says he’s been “hanging out in the studio, working on the Jesus Is King album.” Tyson clarifies he’s not actually writing any music himself, but offering feedback on ways to articulate the gospel more clearly and how to integrate a worship component into Jesus Is King. (The Fader)

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