JANET JACKSON: Michael Was a Bully

Written by on January 26, 2022

Michael Jackson wasn’t the best big brother in the world — in fact, he made little sister Janet Jackson miserable with cruel taunts about her weight.

Janet makes the revelation about her childhood in the documentary Janet, which premieres Friday on Lifetime and A&E. She says, “There were times when Mike used to tease me and call me names. Pig, horse, slut, or hog, cow, He would laugh about it, and I’d laugh too, but then there was some­where down inside that it would hurt. I’m an emotional eater, so when I get stressed or something is really bothering me, it comforts me.”

Things bottomed out when she was 11 and got her first big break outside the family, with a role on the sitcom Good Times. As she recalls, “That’s the beginning of having weight issues and the way I looked at myself.” (New York Post)

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