ANTONIO BROWN: Sued by Former Trainer for Rape

Written by on September 11, 2019

NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown made headlines yet again for seriously misbehaving. A former trainer accused Brown of rape. She seeks more than $75,000 for “emotional distress, false imprisonment, and offensive sexual contact.”

His attorney said they will “pursue all legal remedies against these false accusations.”

On Tuesday, Britney Taylor filed a federal lawsuit alleging the player newly acquired by the New England Patriots sexually attacked her three times. Brown allegedly exposed himself and kissed Taylor without her consent. She claimed a few days later Brown pleasured himself while she streamed a church service on an iPad. Afterward, she cut all contact with Antonio Brown.

Nine months later, Taylor agreed to work with Brown provided he cease his sexual advances. Then at his home, AB shoved her face-first down onto his mattress and “proceeded with great violence to penetrate her.”

The lawsuit filed in Florida claims (quote) “These heinous acts have inflicted severe and dramatic damage on Ms. Taylor, irreparably harming her.” (ESPN

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