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Written by on April 8, 2020

Britney Spears @britneyspears Enough said and thank you to all of the healthcare workers tirelessly working to keep us safe during this time !!!! #WorldHealthDay #ThanksHealthHeroes

troye @troyesivan Maybe it’s the quarantine but i miss being blonde

  • Diggy Moreland @diggymoreland Touching your face is like keeping an ex’s phone number. You know it’s bad for you, but you do it anyway.
  • AVA MAX @AvaMax It’s so important we continue to #StayHome & flatten the curve! The more we do now, the better for everyone around the world – especially those on the frontlines. Keep staying positive. Love you
  • Tyra Banks @tyrabanks I REALLY wanted to shower today. But…
  • Chelsea Peretti @chelseaperetti JUST FOUND A HAND SANITIZER IN A OLD DIAPER BAG
  • olivia wilde @oliviawilde My kid head-butted my lip open at 4am and demanded I sew her bear’s nose back on, so I’m pretty sure I’m an accomplice in a crime.
  • h @halsey should I be playing animal crossing?
  • Lauv @lauvsongs nostalgia is my favorite color

Selena Gomez @selenagomez There’s a difference between a want and a need. Some nights I just want more than me.

  • Gucci Mane @gucci1017 Be proactive not reactive!
  • Mario Lopez @mariolopezviva At Casa Lopez, dinner’s always a big thing. We had a pasta course, then we had a meat or a fish. Nico had a wonderful system for garlic. He used a razor & sliced it so thin it would liquefy in the pan w/ a little oil. It’s a very good system. Gia was in charge of the tomato sauce

Howie Mandel @howiemandel Auditions have re-opened for @AGT. submit your videos

Ariel Winter @arielwinter1 It’s been an amazing journey with my #ModernFamily It’s hard to type this because it still doesn’t feel real…our 2 hour series finale event is tomorrow night at 8/7c on @abcnetwork

Cookie Monster @MeCookieMonster Me new daily schedule

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