Written by on December 9, 2019

Ryan Reynolds @VancityReynolds Exercise bike not included. #AviationGin

  • Bowen Yang @bowenyang  “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is a cursed song about clout chasing, the idle value in attaining proximity to fame, and mutant fetishism. A BOP for our times.
  • John Legend @johnlegend This week’s cover of The Observer.  Also, me inappropriately wearing street clothes in our pool again. 
  • The Weeknd @theweeknd rip JUICE WRLD‏
  • Zedd @Zedd really shocked and sad to find out juice wrld passed away, … and so young too… a reminder that life can be over any moment… be kind to one another.
  • benny blanco @ItsBennyBlanco i’m thankful for the time we spent together... ur friends and family are in my prayers… luv u bro
  • Zane Lowe @zanelowe Juice WRLD was a thoughtful and gifted Artist who’s talent had immediate and enormous impact on millions. I always looked forward to seeing him. I’m so sad to know that won’t be possible anymore. My thoughts are with his Family and Friends. To have lived in a time #RIPJUICEWRLD
  • marshmello @marshmellomusic We were just together a few weeks ago  ….we were supposed to hang on Friday …… this doesn’t seem real. I’m going to miss u man I can’t believe it @JuiceWorlddd
  • RICH THE KID @richthekid Noooo way not juice wrld somebody say this not real
  • nope @LilNasX who know the song where the man is like singing and the girl sings too
  • Kevin Hart @KevinHart4real #SundayMorningThoughts ….Should I wash up today
  • Bebe Rexha @BebeRexha At one point in our lives we get stuck. We all just get stuck in different ways. Love or money or friends or jobs or relationships etc… the thing to remember is that you can always get unstuck.

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