Janelle Monae Shows Her Breast During Recent Performance

Written by on July 3, 2023

Essence Festivals official Twitter account posted the clip of Monae and captioned the post saying, “YOU CANNOT POLICE Janelle Monae.” After sharing the clip the video has gained 6 million views on Twitter and has been receiving mixed comments. One twitter user weighed in on the video and said, “It is crazy that this kind of stuff is needed or felt to be needed to stay relevant. The game and cost of entertainment success on a large scale is too much. We often look at the performer, but it is way deeper than that. This is not exclusive to this artist.”

Another user chimed in on the video saying, “Somebody call the police. This is crazy. Kids were there. She’s doing all this for what? SMH.”

The actress recently posed topless on the cover of Rolling Stone earlier this month while promoting her latest album, The Age Of Pleasure. The music artist seemed to have no qualms about posing topless for the outlet, placing her hands delicately across her bare breasts. While talking to the publication, the songstress admitted that, “I’m much happier when my t**ties are out and I can run around free.”

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