BEYONCE: *Renaissance* Concert Film

Written by on October 2, 2023

Taylor Swift influenced Beyonce to release a concert film. Christmas comes early December 1st with the arrival of the Renaissance MovieBeyonce’s film will take you backstage on her tour. It will feel more like a documentary than Taylor’s movie, which is an edited recording of her 3-hour concert.

The Renaissance Movie includes music videos and the making of the album. Plus highlights from last month’s Houston, Texas show featuring the “Everybody On Mute” challenge and daughter Blue Ivy dancing on stage with Beyonce. Cameras

She’s negotiating with AMC Theaters, who will release Swift’s film in two-weeks. The ERAs Tour Movie is expected to debut with more than $100 million. Taylor takes home 50% of the box office receipts. Beyonce will get the same treatment. (Variety)

The celebrity blog Crazy Days and Nights reports that there’s trouble in the marriage (quote) “Beyonce isn’t letting Jay Z travel with her right now. She’s hooking up with one of her bodyguards.”

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