Written by on September 11, 2023

  • Nicki Minaj: Why would the @vmas let me host this show??? knowing I’m… different…#Vmas see ya on the 12th NEW YAWWWK
  • Odell Beckham Jr: GRATEFUL TO BE BACK OUT THERE! Straight uppp
  • Deshaun Watson: Cleveland, that W was for you! Lots of room to get better, but that was fun! Keep stacking! 4EVER love DAWG POUND!
  • Matthew McConaughey: Tuscaloosa takeover. 2-0. Next we go. #hookem @TexasFootball @TexasLonghorns
  • Ryan Seacrest: Oops… think my uniform shrank since last season #godawgs
  • Florence Pugh: Go to Tokyo and you literally time travel then land with the funniest jet lag and eat from the moment you wake. I love it.
  • Rachel Zegler: summer went away (still, the yearning stays)
  • Bella Poarch: CRUSH!!
  • Wiz Khalifa: Birthday full of love.
  • Finneas: You’re not “adulting” you’re buying ink cartridges. “Adulting” is driving yourself to the hospital
  • Lola Brooke: Lmfaoo I had a time last night yall but I’m never drinking again I tell u that much …
  • Myq Kaplan: it’s like a lot of animals are just doing silent meditations all the time

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