Written by on September 6, 2023

  • Meghann Fahy: free feet pics
  • John Cena: I cannot express how grateful I am to the @WWE & WWE Universe for this opportunity. WWE Superstar Spectacle will be an experience that means the world to me, excited to get to @WWEIndia
  • Kat Dennings: Drove past a woman READING A BOOK literally holding a book in front of her face while walking down the street today and I was like damn damn damn she is risking it all for the literature. What was the book, you ask? I’ll never know because I almost hit a parked car looking at her for too long
  • Rosario Dawson: BEYDAY
  • Chris HemsworthMy kids sending it over the weekend! “Hey Liam move! @liamhemsworth Yeooooooow
  • Millie Bobby BrownBluey theme tune playing rent free
  • Diplo: It wasn’t the burn we wanted but it was the burn we needed, Since you asked for it.. another 10 moments from ebola man / raining man
  • Nick Carter: I love you all.
  • Dua Lipathe higher the heel the closer to god
  • Megan Thee Stallion: The girls BONGOS 9/8 @iamcardib
  • Lucy Hale: Tomorrow. @carlypearce “We Don’t Fight Anymore” (feat. @chrisstapleton) YouTube World Premiere. 10AM CT.


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