Today’s Birthdays

Written by on January 4, 2021

Labrinth (Timothy McKenzie) – 32 years old

Singer, songwriter and record producerBorn 1989

Julia Ormond – 56 years old

Actress (The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonSmilla’s Sense of SnowSabrinaFirst KnightLegends of the Fall; TV’s CSI: New York)Born 1965

Dave Foley – 58 years old

The Canadian actor and comedian has been in a number of American TV series, including The Kids in the HallNews Radio, Dan Vs., Spun Out, How to Be a Gentleman and The Middle.Born 1963

(John) Michael Stipe – 61 years old

Solo/ex-R.E.M. singerBorn 1960

Vanity (Denise Matthews)

The Prince protégée left the group Vanity 6 to go solo but then became a born-again Christian and abandoned secular music. After problems with drugs and various diseases, she died at 57.Died Feb 15, 2016 at 57 – Born 1959

Ann Magnuson – 65 years old

Actress (Desperately Seeking Susan, TV’s Anything but Love)-musician (Bongwater)Born 1956

Tina Knowles – 67 years old

Beyonce‘s momBorn 1954

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