Trina Gets called something other than “The baddest B.”

Written by on November 11, 2019

A Florida Walmart got a front and center display of Miami rapper Trina aka “The baddest B,” after a customer decided to call her a “n***** b*****.” The scene of Trina going off on the customer was caught on camera. The Miami rapper can be seen in the video screaming at the customer “say it again, you dirty a** b****,” but apparently the customer new better. The heated backlash came after Trina accidentally bumped into the customer through an aisle to which the customer responded: “watch it n**** b****!” Officers responded to the scene to which no report was taken because Trina insisted against filing one. The rapper was escorted out of the store and to her car for her safety. Or maybe it was for the safety of the customer. After all, Trina is “The Baddest B!”

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