Viral Video Shows Ex-Husband Gifting Current Husband An Appreciation Gift

Written by on December 29, 2021

The holiday season shows a different side of people as they show their appreciation for the people in their lives. There is one family that is currently going viral on social media as this moment between an ex-husband and current husband is capturing the hearts of many.

K’la Washington shared a video of her ex-husband and the father of her two children sharing a heartfelt message for her current husband as he thanked him for being there for their children.

In the video, her ex-husband said, “I tell you how much I appreciate you because this is a new journey for all of us. Being a blended family, we’re making the best, and obviously, we’ll have like awkward moments, but you know we’re pushing through, and I can’t express how much, I appreciate you. How you look after my kids as your own and that means so much. There’s stuff I can’t attend and you’re there. These videos of you rooting for Machi, and you do the most for Jayla when she have her moments and everything, and words really can’t express how much I appreciate you.”

He continued, “Being a father, you’re like ‘man I don’t want to have someone looking after my kids, another man in my kids’ life.’ But my best friend is like ‘aye man, this is stuff you that you pray for. You want to have a good man in your kids’ life.’”

The former husband continued to thank the current husband for also helping to protect and provide for the children, and also for allowing him to come over to hang with his kids at their home.

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