New York Doctor Says Women Are Lining Up To Pay $25,000 To Have Their Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Sucked Out

Written by on April 14, 2023

Is the big butts era coming to an end? While it may have been the hottest trend in the last decade or so to have a little more juice in your caboose than the good Lord gave you, it looks like this train is about to leave the station.

Several women, even celebrities lately, speak out about the dangers of going under the knife and getting a BBL. Some have even gone as far as to remove the fat, or in some scarier cases, silicone or worse, out of their booties.

Now, according to one New York plastic surgeon on Fifth Avenue, instead of filling up booties ahead of the Summer, 2023’s season is a little different. The women are now laying out the cash to lay back down on the surgery table to shrink their bubble butts that he says they typically had filled in “South Florida and Colombia.”

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