Fat Joe Shares Message To Aspiring Rappers Who Haven’t Been Able To Secure A Deal Yet

Written by on May 30, 2023

One thing about Fat Joe, he’s going to tell it like it is! The veteran rapper is spitting a little game to aspiring rappers who strive to be just as successful as him.

In a recent Instagram Live, Joe took the time to send an important message to artists who have not been able to land a deal yet. He encouraged them to get a consistent job as their “plan A” in life until they are able to secure something.

Also speaking to the ladies who support their men and their dreams, Joe said, “If your man said he raps and he doesn’t have a deal. There’s a problem with that,” he told his virtual audience. “It’s called plan A, get a job. Plan B, hope you make it. This has never changed.” He continued, “Some guys be like, ‘I gotta get a regular job?’ Bro, you gotta get a job! If you got kids and you got this girl that got an apartment and y’all sexin’ it up every day, you got to pay some bills.” Joe is always giving out a little tough love not only to his fans but also to other celebrities.

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