Bill Gates’ Chilling Virus Prediction

Written by on March 13, 2020

In light of recent events, a video has surfaced from 2015, of the co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates speaking at a TedTalk following the Ebola outbreak the year before. Gates, 64, warned the world that out scientists would “not be ready for the next epidemic,” adding that they were lucky to avoid major death with Ebola. He then suggested that the next disease would be catastrophically worse. Fast forward to today where the Coronavirus is infecting thousands and killing many at a quick rate. Gates said in 2015. “When I was a kid, the disaster we worried about most was a nuclear war. “That’s why we had a barrel in our basement filled with cans of food and water. When the nuclear attack came, we were supposed to go downstairs, hunker down, and eat out of that barrel.” “Today the greatest risk of global catastrophe doesn’t look like this, if anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war.” “Next time, we might not be so lucky, you can have a virus where people feel well enough while they’re infectious that they get on a plane or they go to a market.”He added that we could see up to 30 million people die from the outbreak.

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