Written by on November 7, 2023

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Tottenham vs Chelsea: Chelsea won 4-1 with Chelsea’s manager Mauricio Pochettino returning to Tottenham for the first time since being fired in 2019.

Veterans Day: This Saturday is Veterans Day. Ceremonies will be held on Friday and Saturday to honor their sacrifices.

David Ross: The Chicago Cubs fired manager David Ross andhired Craig Counsell to take his place.

Evan Ellingson: The former child star from CSI: Miami and My Sister’s Keeper died at age 35.

Liverpool: While playing against Luton Town, Liverpool’s Luis Diaz flashed a message regarding his parents’ kidnapping from Colombia.

Dallas Mavericks: The Mavericks beat Orlando Magic 117 to 102.

Taraja Ramsess: The 41-year-old Black Panther and Avengers stuntman died in a car accident in Georgia last week. Three of his children also died as a result of the crash.

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