Written by on June 16, 2021

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Lisa Banes: The Gone Girl actress died 10 days after she was hit by a scooter in Manhattan. She was 65.

Metroid Dread: The video game is coming to the Switch on October 8th.

Shelby Houlihan: The middle-distance runner is blaming a burrito for her positive drug test.

Ivory Hecker: The reporter says a Fox station censored her stories on bitcoin and hydroxychloroquine.

MacKenzie ScottJeff Bezos ex-wife donated $2.74 billion to 286 organizations.

Charles Barkley: He called out the Milwaukee Bucks after they blew a 17-point lead and lost Game 5 of their series to the Brooklyn Nets.

#CruelSummer: Fans are commenting on the latest episode of the Freeform series.

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