The Los Angeles Rams Win Super Bowl LVI

Written by on February 14, 2022

“This is how we do it!” Lastnight was an intense game as the Los Angeles Rams played against the Cincinnati Bengals during Super Bowl 56! The Rams had to overcome a few obstacles before taking the win, with the final score of 23-20! Odell Beckham Jr. came in hot and scored the game’s first touchdown. OBJ was on 1,000 and even did the moonwalk as a victory dance. However, the smile didn’t last too long as the unexpected occurred.

While the wide receiver was running toward the right side of the field on a crossing route, it appeared as though his left foot got caught in the turf. At that moment, he dropped a pass thrown by quarterback Matthew Stafford and gripped his left leg as he fell to the ground. Everyone was shocked to see if he would return to the field, but with just 3 minutes, 50 seconds remaining in the second quarter of Super Bowl LVI, it was confirmed on Twitter by multiple outlets that the father-to-be would not be returning. OBJ’s exit from the field had him sitting on the sidelines with tears in his eyes, and his teammates struggled to regain a lead. However, Cooper Kupp kicked things up a notch and caught the game-winning touchdown pass, a reception from one yard out with 1:25 remaining. Cooper’s skills landed him with the title of Most Valuable Player!

Congratulations Rams!

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