Patti LaBelle Says She’s Open to Dating Again at Age 78: ‘I’m Too Good to Be Solo’

Written by on February 8, 2023

After being off the market for a while, iconic singer Patti LaBelle is ready to get back into the dating game to find love! The cookbook author appeared on Jennifer Hudson’s talk show where she was asked if she was open to dating. LaBelle responded and said, “Well sorta, kinda…How old am I? 78.” She continued, “I was married for 32 years to a wonderful man and we’re still friends, good friends,” she said speaking of Armstead Edwards who she was previously married to before calling it quits 2003.

“So I think in life I need to find happiness for myself, other than what I had back in the day with him, which was wonderful. But I’m too good to be solo,” LaBelle said as the crowd cheered from the audience. Now as for how she tries to find love, Hudson, 41, suggested dating apps and asked LaBelle if she ever tried any of them out:

“What’s that? What are dating apps?” LaBelle answered while Hudson and the audience laughed. “Oh that stuff,” she said after the Dreamgirls star explained. “I’ve seen that commercial!” Although Miss LaBelle has no need for any dating apps, she did let Hudson know that someone is actually on her radar: “I do have a nice person in mind,” she revealed. “I really do.” As for who that lucky man is, she said
“That’s my personal business.” Hudson agreed and said, “Yes mam! Moving on!”

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