Twitter Cuts Up After Boosie Calls Jay-Z Musically Irrelevant

Written by on December 1, 2022

Less than a month after 21 Savage faced backlash for saying Nas is “not relevant,” Boosie is making similar comments about Jay-Z.

Boosie Says It’s All About Jay’s Hustle—NOT His Music
It all went down during Boosie’s recent sit-down with VladTV. After DJ Vlad brought up how he sees Jay-Z as “the only” rapper over 50 who can still be “up there with the Lil Babys and Kendricks” in terms of mainstream popularity, Boosie had some things to say.

The Baton Rouge rapper unapologetically offered another perspective, as he said he doesn’t think Hov is relevant in this musical era.

“Jay-Z’s not relevant this day for music.”

He went on to touch on 21 Savage’s aforementioned comments about Nas, saying that there’s no way Jay-Z is musically relevant if the “N.Y. State of Mind” rapper isn’t.

“If you gon’ say Jay-Z relevant and Nas ain’t relevant, no.”

Boosie explained his rationale by sharing that he doesn’t see people getting lit to Jay or Nas when he’s “outside.” He summed up his thoughts by simply stating that he’s only keeping it real.

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