Trina Explains.

Written by on November 13, 2019

Finally the explanation of what really happened in a Florida Walmart when Miami rapper Trina got into a verbal confrontation with a customer! Trina said as she was walking through an aisle of the store she noticed a woman that seemed to be crying. Though fans have dubbed Trina as “The Baddest B,” she shows that she’s still a compassionate person by trying to console the woman that seemed to be distressed. When Trina asked the woman if she was alright, the response given was a shocking one to the rapper. The woman looked up at the Trina with an angry face and replied: “get away from me you n**** b****.” Of course, Trina didn’t take the woman’s response lightly and reacted saying ” say it again! this ain’t the slavery days, ain’t no slave here. It’s about to be 2020, you will get your a** whopped so stop trying it.” Trina said that anybody that calls her anything other than her name is in for a a** whopping, or like we say in the (242) a royal cut a**!

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