Toilet Paper?

Written by on February 18, 2020

Thieves Steal 600 Rolls Of Toilet Paper Due To Coronavirus Outbreak. A delivery man was jumped by a group of armed robbers while dropping off supplies at a supermarket in Mong Kok, China. The man was held up by three knife-wielding men who demanded the rolls of toilet paper. Authorities say toilet paper has become a hot commodity in the area due to the rapid restocking in various supermarkets along with rice, pasta, hand sanitizer, and other items used for sanitary purposes. “A delivery man was threatened by three knife-wielding men who took toilet paper worth more than HK$1,000 ($130),” A statement was released by the supermarket Wellmore in reaction to the robbery: “We want to emphasize that we have sufficient toilet roll supply to meet demand. The temporary shortage was caused by the sudden and unusual surge in demand.” Police have arrested two suspects on the scene but it was unclear if they were directly involved in the robbery.

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