Tiffany Haddish Reveals Her Dating Must-Haves

Written by on April 25, 2022

Tiffany Haddish is channeling her inner Trina because the comedienne is single again and back on the prowl! Since her split from Chicago rapper and actor Common, Ms. Haddish has jumped back on the dating apps, where she’s requiring all bachelors to hit her DMs with a “good credit score and good hygiene.” A week ago or so, Tiffany opened up about returning to dating apps and now she’s revealing what she is requiring in her next partner.

Tiffany said, “I’m back out in the streets. It’s interesting, it’s an adventure. I’m all about adventure. I’m back on the dating apps. I put all my requirements in my profile.” When opening up about her requirements, Tiffany bluntly said, “Good credit score ’cause I need to know you’re responsible. You need to have good hygiene, that’s really important to me. I can’t stand bad breath and funky armpits.”

The ‘Girls Trip’ actress goes on to say, “I’ve been attracted to a lot of hip-hop kind of guys. I don’t mind them wearing jewelry. But if you own a bunch of diamonds but you don’t own no land, that’s a problem for me. Land, then diamonds. ‘Cause where does the diamonds come from? The land. So own the land, then get the diamonds. I got diamonds ’cause I got land.”

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