Spice Hardly Paused Performance To Check On Her Man Swarmed By Female Fans

Written by on April 22, 2021

Spice is not taking chances when it comes to her man. The Queen of Dancehall shared a hilarious video on IG showing her walking through the crowd to look for her boyfriend as she brings him within her line of view as he was swarmed by a large number of women. Spice was clearly protecting her man at all cost at the packed show where there were mostly female fans. Spice and her man Justin Budd have been dating for quite a bit now. It first started after she shared several pictures and videos online for her birthday last year that fans became aware that she had a man in her life. At the time many thought that the relationship might be a stunt for her Love & Hip Hop Atlanta gig, but it seems that that theory is far from the reality of the “So Mi Like It” singer. In a video she posted online, Spice says – “one [thing] with me I’m gonna stop and check on my man,” she said with laughing emojis. Spice was performing in Florida over the weekend. “Panama City Beach was in a romantic mood. Had to start the show from in the crowd LOL I love you all so much,” she said. She also shared videos of her performing as she whined and let the fans tap her butt while she whined low to her hit single “So Mi Like It.” Don’t check on ya man den!

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