Spice Apologize To Justin Budd After Revealing Breakup On Wendy Williams

Written by on September 16, 2021

Fans of Spice was shocked when the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reality star told Wendy Williams that she was single in June when she was promoting “Go Down Deh.”

However, it seems that it was all just Spice and Justin Budd in malice. A clip of the latest episode of the show reveals Spice and Justin sitting down and talking, but an incensed Spice talks about being single because she is not married.

“You feel like you had to spite me with Wendy Williams,” Justin yelled. “Why would you go on tv to the biggest mouth in the world and tell her that you’re single? We didn’t know what was going in the f* relationship.”

Spice, however, says that she was only giving the correct answer to the question Wendy asked her. “I put my ring finger up, I’m not married, that’s the question. I don’t know what you wanted me to say. If I knew what was going on in my relationship I probably would have said ‘oh I’m in a serious relationship… that’s what happened.”

On her Instagram account, Spice sought to explain why she said she was single. It seems that she and Justin had had a fight, and she wasn’t sure what was going on.

“My baby I love you , but if you haven’t spoken to me in 6 hours we have a problem, if you malice me for 12 hours that means we “break up” if you haven’t spoken to me for 2 days I’m single @jbuddmedia it’s a Caribbean thing if we argue we Leff,” Spice said. She added that the cultural differences might account for misunderstandings between her and Justin.

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