Spice Apologize For Fake Pregnancy Photo

Written by on March 18, 2023

Spice is not pregnant despite tricking the entire world into believing that she was, and now she has apologized after some blowback.

The Queen of Dancehall is notorious for pulling off PR stunts like this one this week when she posted a baby bump photo seemingly announcing she was pregnant. Although a lot of folks were skeptical, she also fooled a lot of her celebrity friends, including Nicki Minaj and Jada Kingdom, who congratulated her on Instagram.

Spice hopped on her Instagram Live on Friday to explain to her fans what has been going on with her since her health scare in October last year and whether or not she is really pregnant. The first thing that was very clear was that she is not with child. The second thing was that she apologized for offending some folks who may have trouble having children.

“I never said I was pregnant, I said God has been good to me,” Spice said in her Live video. “That picture is just for me celebrating my new life. It’s me celebrating my journey my walk. It’s me wanting that picture to blow up and put in my house to remember that there is a God. To remember that I got a second chance at life. To remember that I have a new life.”

“So from time to time if you hear me speaking about my first life and my second life do not think am crazy,” Spice continues. “Because I died in my first life. And I was give a second chance at life and I do not take that for granted.”

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