South Africans Are Calling On The Royal Family To Return Stolen Diamond

Written by on September 20, 2022

Looks like the death of Queen Elizabeth II has sparked a national debate in South Africa over the possession of the largest known clear-cut diamond, the Great Star of Africa.

Calls are now being made to the Royal Family to return the African nation’s precious diamond—also known as Cullinan l—which is currently mounted on a royal sceptre belonging to the Queen. “The Cullinan Diamond must be returned to South Africa with immediate effect,” activist Thanduxolo Sabelo told the Sunday Times newspaper. “The minerals of our country and other countries continue to benefit Britain at the expense of our people,” he added.

The Cullinan diamond was named after a South African diamond magnate, Sir Thomas Cullinan. The Twitter handle for Africa Archives, an account that keeps track of the historical, cultural, and photographic records of Africa, is also demanding that the jewels be returned.

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