Shaquille O’Neal Gets Chased By A Pack Of Dogs

Written by on March 24, 2021

Earlier Tuesday, a video emerged of Shaquille O’Neal kicking it with what appeared to be a group of friends at a lavish home that also had a few furry guests. In the video, Shaq is seen opening a sliding door and walking out onto a patio where he is greeted by a gang of dogs nearby. Shaq barely made it into the sunlight before he made a quick U-Turn and ran back inside as the herd of dogs chased after him. Shaq returned indoors for safety, hiding behind the sliding door before laughing off the whole situation. Seeing his 7-foot-1 figure hit that sharp turn and run away was just about as hilarious as it sounds. Shaq proves no matter what size you are, you still do not mess with unknown dogs, and it’s always the dog owners who say “they don’t bite” that you have to look out for.

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