Reggae Singer Jah Cure Addresses Embarrassing Viral Video

Written by on December 1, 2020

Jah Cure is responding to the viral video in which he is heard cursing and threatening a woman and demanding the return of $600 for airfare from two women after they refused to have sex with him. One of the women has disclosed that the incident occurred in December of 2019 and that Jah Cure had beaten her and her friend- another unidentified woman, and falsely imprisoned them as he demanded his money upfront or that one of the women have sex with him. One of the women who declined to identify herself says she is fearful for her life. She says that Jah Cure flew her and her friend to Jamaica, but sex was never discussed. However, she said she has been friends with him for years and was ok if it did come up between them. She said they stayed at his place in Montego Bay, then Kingston in Norbrook. She said the incident caught on the recording started with the artiste asking them to have a threesome, which they refused. He also requested a taboo act, which they also refused. The artiste then became irate at the women. “We said no, he started to get mad and say he bought our tickets. Then hit us. Slapped me in the face and chest. And punched my friend but my head was down I didn’t see where, I think her cheek or side of her head.” The woman says that she was allowed to leave after the other woman agreed to have sex with the artiste but that “she cried the whole flight home.” She said they were unable to file a police report as officers in Norbrook refused to take a report. Jah Cure is now responding, saying that he didn’t mean anything by what he said. He has neither confirmed nor denied hitting or falsely imprisoning the women or holding one of them hostage for sex. He does say, though, that he did say the things he said, but he insinuated that missing valuables and cash might have been taken by the women. He says that the video was sent to him years ago, although the woman in the video claims the incident happened in 2019.

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