Queen Elizabeth’s Used Teabag Listed On eBay For $12K

Written by on September 9, 2022

Amid the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, several memorabilia has been listed on eBay at high prices, which included a teabag she reportedly used in the 90s.

The listing claims the teabag was used by Queen Elizabeth and was smuggled out of Windsor Castle by an exterminator during a roach infestation in 1998. According to the New York Post, the teabag comes with a certificate of authenticity issued by the Institute of Excellence in Certificates in Authenticity. It was listed for $12,000 by a seller from Decatur, Georgia.

“This is the very teabag you might have seen on CNN in late 1998. Own a piece of History! Priceless!,” the listing reads. However, the post was taken down a few hours later.

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