Popcaan Detained By Police During Traffic Stop

Written by on June 22, 2022

Dancehall artiste Popcaan has reportedly been detained by police officers after a stand-off at a gas station in St. Thomas.

A video of the encounter was live-streamed by Popcaan’s close friend Jahboot on Instagram, showing Miss World Toni-Ann Singh in the midst of what looks like a stand-off with police officers.

In the video, it appears that officers are attempting to confiscate one of the singer’s cars while Singh attempts to mediate and diffuse the situation.

“It’s not a good look, I think the system needs to chip in and do something about what is going on because I think what is going on I think Popcaan being targeted, I’m not liking it one bit and it’s not looking good,” a member of Popcaan’s team is heard saying in the live-streamed.

The man adds, “I would like to know why we are being targeted so much around here.”

Popcaan was not seen in the video, and there are speculations that he was arrested. There is no official report on whether the artist was taken into police custody.

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