Plies Holds Funeral Service For His Gold Teeth

Written by on January 18, 2021

With a new year comes a change, and it looks like Plies decided to change his appearance–starting with his teeth. The Florida rapper posted a video online, holding a funeral service for his good teeth. In true Plies fashion it was pure comedy. He captioned the video by saying, “I Just Removed & Buried My Gold Teeth!!!!!! ? I Never Thought In A Million Years This Day Would Come!! I Wanted Elevation So I Stepped Out On Faith!!! I Ate Some Good @*&# With Them Teeth Doe!!!!??? I Heard Women Love Men With Pretty Smiles! While honoring his teeth with a burial service, Plies stated, “It’s a very sad day today, y’all. It’s a very sad day,” with music playing in the background. Plies continued, “We’re all gathered here today to bury my gold teeth. I finally did it, man. Finally took my old gold teeth out, y’all.” During the ceremony, Plies also stated, “But moving forward, it’s a different me.” Plies proceeded to take out a small spoon to dig a shallow grave for his gold teeth and stated, “Heavenly Father, thank you for giving me these gold teeth,” as he continued, sprinkling dirt on the box.

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