Majah Hype’s Estranged Wife Says He Abused Her For Years

Written by on December 3, 2020

In a lengthy Instagram post, the wife of comedian Majah Hype alleges that she has been battered and abused by the comedian during their relationship. Majah Hype last week suffered a mild heart attack and was hospitalized. He later revealed that the cause of his heart attack was because he had been stressing over “certain things.” Now, it seems that problems within his relationship might have been affecting the comedian. Majah Hype’s ex, whose name is Latisha, took to Instagram to apologize to friends and family who she isolated herself from because she says she was unrecognizable after being beaten by Majah Hype and couldn’t answer her facetime calls as she hid the abuse that she says has been going on for years. It’s unclear how long the relationship lasted with Majah Hype, but it seems that problems started in December when the comedian took to social media to rant. She also refuted claims that she cheated during the relationship. Over the weekend, the comedian took to social media to threaten an unnamed soca artiste who he said his ex cheated with, and he threatened to “lash” the soca artiste if he saw him. She also disclosed that she received no support from close friends who knew about the abuse. “Imagine people know in your circle what’s going on with you and their first question is ‘well what did you do.’” She broke down as she said she didn’t deserve to be treated like that and the occasions of abuse were not few and far but very often. She also called out Majah Hype, “you can continue pretend to be who you are but I know the truth and I’m not keeping any secrets anymore.”

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