Kodak Black Tosses $100K In Sea & Flush Money Down Toilet

Written by on July 1, 2021

Kodak Black flushed stacks of cash down the toilet and toss a whole lot more in the sea amid his beef with Jackboy. It looks like trouble is brewing at Kodak Black’s Sniper Gang label. The rapper has taken to Instagram to express his disgust with certain events at the label and the roster of current rappers. It seems he has a particular problem with his childhood friend and signed artist JackBoy. The public spat started June 29, after Kodak Black posted on Twitter: “I AIN’T SIGNING RAPPERS NO MORE.” That tweet has since been deleted, but the back and forth between the two were caught and shared. There are also some posts on Instagram as the argument intensified. The Twitter message also contained a side-eye emoji as he expressed his anger. It’s not been made clear which of the rappers on his roster he’s talking about, but Jackboy seems to fit the bill. Sniper Gang website lists C Clip Beatz, Mr. Flipper, Jackboy, John Wick, and Petho Burr as active artists at this time. From all appearances, it was Jackboy, though, because he was the only one who took it upon himself to respond to Kodak’s comments.

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