Justin Bieber Called Out For Cultural Appropriation

Written by on April 27, 2021

Justin Bieber took to Instagram to post a series of images alongside his wife Hailey on Sunday as the couple enjoyed a vacation. It wasn’t long before fans noticed that the singer was sporting a new look and began questioning what was up with the pop star’s hair. The singer then decided to give fans a closeup, posting a selfie showcasing his starter dreads hours later, on Monday morning. As was the case in 2016 when he debuted a similar look, fans weren’t here for the hairstyle. Many called out the singer for appropriating black culture.

One Instagram user wrote, “This ain’t it but ily through it all.” Another was more direct, commenting, “this is cultural appropriation…I know you can do better.”

A third IG user wrote, “J, please educate yourself on cultural appropriation… You shouldn’t be wearing dreads. With love.”

Justin posted a cryptic message to his Instagram page. The post said, “It’s power in acknowledging our insecurities, WE ALL GOT EM.” He continued, “It’s okay to have insecurities, open up and talk about them it’s healthy.” While several fans tried to defend the singer, many were adamant that Bieber’s white skin precluded him from wearing locs. In recent times, dreads have largely been worn by black people as a fashion statement, but for many, they have spiritual significance. Rastafarians, in particular, see them as spiritually significant and representative of their quest to let go of material possessions as well as a representation of their religious choices and beliefs.

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