Guess What Came Out A Woman’s Throat!

Written by on September 1, 2020

A woman received emergency medical treatment after a snake slithered into her throat while she slept in her garden in Dagestan, Russia. the young woman began to fall ill after waking up from her nap and was rushed to a local hospital. The video shows a doctor inserting a tube down her throat to find the root of the issue and slowly pulls out the snake with the help of his assistant. His assistant grabs the snake and screams after she noticed how long the reptile is. Afterward, the animal was thrown into a medical bucket but it was unclear if the snake was dead or alive and how long it was trapped in the woman’s throat. Others believed it could have been a parasite but the animal was too long to make that determination. A statement from the Ministry of Health has yet to be released and the woman’s identity was not revealed to the public along with the species of snake that hid in her body.

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